Absolutely not! Pocono Pistol Range is open to the public.

  • You must have a valid government issued photo I.D., such as a state I.D., driver's license, or passport.

1. Your I.D. may NOT be expired
2. Must be issued by a government entity but, is not required to be a United States issued I.D.
3. Must contain a photograph, a birthdate, an expiration date, and an I.D. number
4. No firearm permits are required to use the range.

  • You may bring your own firearms, or choose to rent from our 70+ rentals.
  • You may use ammunition purchased outside of our range in your own firearms, however it is required that you purchase our ammunition to use in our rentals.
  • Helpful Tip: You may want to wear a shirt with a high neckline as well as closed toed shoes
  • All new guests are required to fill out our waivers and participate in a 15-20 minute safety briefing. This is only required on your first visit. This requirement is for all persons who have never shot at our range before regardless of any previous firearms experience or training.
  • Shooters from out of state or out of country are welcome to our range.
  • Any person 18 years of age or between 12-17 with a legal parent present (a friend, partner, sibling, aunt/uncle, or grandparent without legal custody will not qualify as a parent or "guardian")

You may use pistols and rifles in pistol caliber only from .22LR to .44 Magnum. High powered rifle rounds and shotgun rounds are not permitted. ABSOLUTELY NO .223, 5.56, 7.62, .308, 30-06, 14-20GA

No need to worry. Please let us know during the registration process if you will need assistance. A Range Safety Officer will make sure you understand basic firearm operations and safety.

No, we are first-come, first-served facility unless you have a party of 7 or more shooters. If you have a party of 7 or more shooters please consider our group package and call to make a reservation.

  • You may take pictures ONLY when you are on the range.
  • Make sure to keep the picture framed within your own lane.
  • Please try not to get other guests in your photographs.
  • Do NOT take pictures of range staff without asking for their permission.
  • When posing with a firearm, keep the muzzle pointed down range with your finger along the frame and OFF the trigger.