All classes require pre-registration and payment in advance to hold your seat. For registration, Call: 570-424-2940



-The Utah Concealed Carry Permit allows you to concealed carry your firearm in up to 36 states. You will learn handgun safety and Utah specific concealed carry and firearm laws from NRA and Utah BCI certified instructors.

Cost: $110

-HR-218 is a federal law that allows police officers or law enforcement officials, who retire in good standing, to obtain a permit that allows them to carry a concealed hand gun in all fifty U.S. States.

This course is offered monthly.

Cost: $80 for one action type or $105 for two

-A special course designed just for ladies who are new to shooting to learn the skills necessary to acquire & safely handle pistols. This two hour course includes classroom, and firing range time with instruction from a trained certified instructor. Fee includes all required equipment and materials including eye/ear protection, firearm rental, ammunition & targets. Collared shirts or high neckline suggested. No open toed shoes.

Students are welcome to bring a pistol they have already purchased to class, with ammunition. Intructors will go over these firearms with the students towards the end of class. It is suggested if you have not purchased a firearm, to come to class before doing so.

Cost: $50.00

-This is a session to practice your tactical skills. Such as, shooting from the holster, shooting accelerated multiple shots and use of cover. Multiple stress courses will be offered each session to challenge your abilities. Activities will include shooting on the move, shooting moving targets, and shooting multiple targets. Learn the fundamental skills of combat & real world marksmanship while also learning to improve your survivability during a hostile encounter.

Equipment required: Major Caliber handgun in good working order. (.22 caliber or any other rimfire caliber handgun will not be permitted for this course) Semi-autos must have a slide lock. At least 3 magazines or speed loaders, belt mounted magazine/speed-loader pouch, belt mounted strong side hip holster (no weak side, shoulder, or ankle holsters permitted). Outside the waistband holsters highly recomended. If using and inside the waistband holster and unable to reholster safely you will be asked to continue only when you have an outside the waistband holster available. Eye and ear protection (it's recommended to have electronic muffs to hear the instructors). At least 100 rounds of ammunition.

Cost: $30 per session / $25 per session for members of the range

$15 - a one time pre-evaluation is required prior to participate. This must be scheduled in advance before the class.

-Participants shall be proficient in safely drawing and manipulating their firearm in a stressful quick moving situation. Physical agility, strength, and speed will be components of this training. This course will be an accellerated version of our regular Tac Night, and will be more physically demanding. Participants will be limited to either the regular Tac Night or the Speed Tac course. Previous participation in Tac Night required.

Cost: $30 per session / $25 per session for members of the range

-One-on-one with an NRA certified instructor. Lessons can cover many aspects of shooting including cleaning your firearm. Discuss with an instructor what you would like to get out of a lesson. To obtain the knowledge you are looking for you may need more than one lesson.

By appointment only. Monday through Friday between 10:30am and 3pm availability will be limited during summer months.
Cost: $60/hr, $45/hr for members to the range

Familes or Couples $50/person (maximum of 4) - the lesson will not extend more than one hour regardless of the number of students